Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tips for picking 100%

In our first post, we'd like to address picking as it is the core of company. Overwaitea Food Group (sic) is our customer, and therefore must always come first. To better ensure we meet our expectations now, and in the future, let's talk about ways to not only improve your pick rates, but to pick faster, harder, efficiently, and more-er.

When you start...

- Print labels.
Just because you printed them, it does not mean you have to pick them up right away. Choose another door, or whatever door you think will be closest. If you are not sure, there are 10 printers. Just say them all to be on the safe side. Labels are replaceable, time is not. If you notice someone is taking some labels that belong to you, though you do not need them, do not tell the other person. They will associate your name to the "jackass who prints to all the fucking printers". Not a good thing.

- 4 ways.
Always use your pick stick with handle boards. If wood splinters/breaks off the board and obstructs the common areas of travel, do not worry about picking it up. All machines are equipped with 4X4 capabilties. On the plus side any loud screeching to halt noises will ensure everyone is alert and working.

- Getting to the pick slots, and giving way.
Although there are other people on the floor with their own equipment, it does not matter.
Waiting to let others pass by, or giving way to others is seen as a sign of disrespect in many cultures and should be avoided. This is known as giving way to yourself and is common courtesy to not act like a bitch if you are cutoff.


- Don't double handle products.
Once it leaves the pickslot, and finds its way onto your pallet, don't touch it again. Double handling increases the time spent on orders. It is completely plausible to get 100%, AND walkthrough an order and still achieve 100%.

- Don't walk through orders.
Hit the rabbit button on your feet ;) It is better to stay active and to give more then 100%! It helps the whole company :)

- Use a pick stick.
Use one whenever possible, or when your arms are tired. We have a policy that dictates that a minimum of 85% of the product must be intact/good/not moldy, so it is perfectly fine to stab/spear the other 15% onto your pallet, in order to facilitate picking from hard to pick slots. Use plenty of tab to add tactical precision, and sharpen the points to ensure maximum penetration of the product.

Needing letdowns...

- "Shorting" products.
Shorting products (saying zero/cheeto) means someone else will have to come by after a letdown has been done to pick the product. This eats up precious time. If the pick quantity is less then 5, just say 5 and move the fuck on.

- Address others as "buddy" when you need a letdown.
Learning someones name consumes time. Time you do not have. It's a better idea to simply refer to everyone as "buddy", as it generally applies to anyone. Therefore in an ilse this tends to get everyone out of your way, or any nearby reach trucks to come help you with a letdown. Adding a thick accent will add 200FT to any audible attempts to attract a reach drivers attention.

- Building good, square pallets and wrapping them.
Is optional. Allowing our dock members to wrap pallets for you helps to build up their resistance to motion sickness. Building good, square pallets is always the best idea, but if you do not have the time, do not worry. The trailer is not straight either.

From time to time...

- Production/Percentage/Performance.
From time to time it is a good idea to block the main ilse with your jack to check your percentage on one of the many terminals. We expect everyone to finish 100% if not more. It is better to check your performance before noon as this will allow plenty of time to panic if your pick percentage is below 100%.

- Taking a break.
Try ensuring you get 100% or more on your breaks. 15 minutes breaks, 30 minutes lunch. 4 minutes is allowed for travel time, but it is not for taking *another* 4 minutes extra on your break. Travel time is on your jack, moving towards your next order.

At the end of the day...

- Stay some overtime.
2 hours?

- Sign off and sign out.
Make sure you sign out with a supervisor to ensure you've been thoroughly hassled for another 2 hours of overtime. This makes everyones job easier. If you decide not to stay, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out asshole.

In conclusion...

Apply these tips next time you pick! See if it brings up your percentage, because it might just help you get that extra 130% :)

- EV Logistics Blog Team

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